About the committee

As a charity, the Pre-School is managed by a committee – a team of dedicated volunteers, who kindly donate their time and skills for the benefit of the children.

Whilst our fantastic staff team organise and oversee the planning, running and supervision of the children’s care and education in the setting, the committee are in charge of looking at the bigger picture and are managing the financial and admin side of running the Pre-School. The key responsibilities of the committee are:

  • Managing the Pre-School’s finances
  • Fundraising and organising events that benefit the Pre-School
  • Employing staff and supervising the management of the setting
  • Marketing and advertising the services of the Pre-School
  • Overseeing and resolving any maintenance and Health and Safety issues
  • Reviewing and updating policies and procedures

Who we are

Currently the committee is made up of parents of past, present or future children of the Pre-School, ensuring that the key decisions are in the hands of people who deeply care about providing the highest possible standard of childcare in the setting.

Our committee meetings are generally once per month and are a great way to have a say in how the Pre-School is run, and get to know what goes on “behind-the-scenes”, as well as great chance to socialise and meet some of the other parents.

The members of the committee are elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and are all DBS checked and registered with OFSTED. New members are always welcome to join the committee. And you don’t have to be a parent to join – you could be a guardian, a grand-parent, or just a member of the community who would be happy to donate their time and skills and get involved with such a great cause. If you are interested in joining the committee, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Rozzi – click here.

Nic Wilson


About me: I have been the Chair of Eynsham Pre-school for 3 years and on the committee for 5 and 1/2 years.
I am married with two children, have lived in Eynsham for 15 years and love being a part of and contributing to this great community. My day job is as Curriculum Manager for English and Maths at Abingdon & Witney College and I have been teaching and involved in education for over 20 years. I love reading, music and spending time with my children and I am currently doing a BA Hons Degree in Childhood and Youth Studies.
Likes: Manners, popcorn, maths



About me: I am the treasurer for the committee and I will be aiming to guide the committee in making the right financial decisions for the long term sustainability of the preschool. I'm also Mum to two lovely kids: Nina & Luke. I grew up in Surrey but I've been coming to Eynsham all my life and have now lived here for 2 years. My partner is French, we speak French at home.
Likes: Music, Reading, Travelling, Good Food and Cats.
Fun fact: I used to live on a canal boat on the Oxford canal.



About me: I am originally from North Devon and moved to Eynsham six years ago. I have two children, who keep me very busy. I recently left the Royal Air Force after twelve years, where I travelled to lots of interesting places such as Belize, the Falkland Islands and Afghanistan. I now work as a Community Nurse.
Likes: I enjoy Skiing, yoga and being outdoors.
Fun fact:I have sky dived from 14000 ft, marched at the Cenotaph and sailed around the Caribbean.



About me: I am the marketing officer for the committee and I help create and put together all marketing materials for the Pre-School. I have lived in Eynsham for 3 years and I have two children - a boy and a girl, and a big white furry dog!
Likes: Dancing, animals and travelling.
Fun fact: I have walked on fire and ridden elephants.



About me: I moved to Eynsham in 2014 when I was pregnant with my son, and we've since welcomed a daughter to our family. I've worked in publishing for 15 years, and I’m currently a Team Leader and a Senior Commissioning Editor at OUP.
Likes: Music, binge-watching TV, and travelling the world.
Fun fact: I’ve seen a rainbow over the Sahara, a Leopard in the Masai Mara, and swum with Penguins in the Galapagos.



About me: I am a theatre maker and mum to a boy and a girl who never stop making me laugh!
Likes: The outdoors, friends and family.
Fun fact: I played Rugby at Twickenham when I was just 11 years old!



About me: I will be managing the fundraising for the pre-school. I have two children - a girl and a boy.
Likes: I love my allotment, and being at the seaside with my dog.
Fun fact: We lived in the Highlands for a while, with no roads, and the postman came by boat. I’m learning to play the violin.